22 Years of Learning From a WWF and IKEA Partnership

Jun 28, 2024


Room K11, Stockholmsmässan

Welcome to this side event organized by WWF & IKEA, titled “22 years of learning from a WWF and IKEA long-term partnership and collaboration for forests, biodiversity and people.”

For 22 years, WWF and IKEA have been working side by side on forests, cotton, water and climate. Through their efforts to protect landscapes, enhance biodiversity, and empower local communities, they aim to inspire your organisation to do the same – for a One planet future.

WWF and IKEA have a shared interest in seeing regions around the planet develop and prosper. The combined commitment, expertise and networks of our two organisations give us the unique ability to find implementable solutions, influence business practices, and enable change.

Listen to their experiences and what you may learn from this unique long-term collaboration. Read more!