Forest Therapy Walk

Jun 27, 2024


Sjörövarparken, 12 min from the venue

Finish off your day with a Forest Therapy Walk. The walk is available on Tuesday and Thursday. Registration is required.

Forest Therapy is a mindful and immersive experience designed to strengthen the connection between humans and the natural world. It promotes well-being, reduces stress, and enhances physical and mental health through various nature connection activities.

The Forest Therapy walk will last approximately 60 minutes and includes three parts: an introduction and invitation; 3 to 4 designed nature connection activities, such as meditation, sensory engagement, and nature connection to promote relaxation; and it will conclude with a tea ceremony and sharing.

Organizer: UBC Faculty of Forestry (Canada), US Forest Service, Korea Forest Welfare Institute, Korea Forest Therapy Forum, Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides & Programs (USA), Forest Therapy Hub (EU)

Dates: June 25 & 27, 2024
Time: 18:30 – 19:30 (CEST). Please arrive at the meet-up point a bit early so we can start promptly at 18:30.
Meet-up point: Sjörövarparken, see map below
Guides: Certified forest therapy guides

Remember to attend the organizer session T4.15 Healing Power of Nature: Forest Therapy in Action.