Open Seminar on the Nordic Input

Mar 6, 2024

The Royal Swedish Agricultural Academy, Drottninggatan 95B, Stockholm

We are delighted to extend an invitation for an engaging open seminar on the World Congress, set to convene this summer in Stockholm.

This interactive seminar is designed to explore the pivotal insights and contributions from the Nordic and Baltic regions regarding the evolving role of forests in shaping societal progress as we approach the year 2050.

The seminar is an important follow-up to the Round Table dialogue, held with cross-sectoral stakeholders earlier this year. The regional input will also serve the Nordic and Baltic Ministerial Panel, scheduled during the closing of the Congress on the 29th of June.

The final output will be the IUFRO Stockholm Statement charting the future scientific global agenda.

Bring your expertise and insights to the seminar and contribute in shaping a sustainable and resilient future for our forests and societies.

13:00–15:00 hours, followed by mingle in the foyer

Opening Remarks
Peter Normark, CEO at KSLA and Dean Göran Ericsson at SLU

The IUFRO World Congress – Possibilities of a Century
Dr Fredrik Ingemarson, Chair of the Congress Organizing Committee

Nordic Input to the Stockholm Statement – Output and the Way Ahead
Dr Maria Thunberg, Facilitator, Analysys Mason

Panel Discussion with Audience Engagement
Representatives from Government, Research and Councils

Wednesday, March 6th at The Royal Swedish Agricultural Academy (KSLA) Drottninggatan 95 B, Stockholm.

Please register to participate.

Take part of the draft of the Nordic Input so far. This draft will be discussed during the open seminar.