The Friendly Forest 2050

Jun 30, 2024

Welcome to this side event organized by the Swedish Association of Outdoor Organizations,

This side event focuses on the role of forests in promoting outdoor recreation, public health, physical activity and social development from a Nordic perspective based on the right of public access to private land. The event includes an introduction to Swedish outdoor recreation, a review of the evidence and research needs and a discussion panel with leading Nordic experts.

The Swedish Association of Outdoor Organizations (Swedish: Svenskt Friluftsliv) is an umbrella organization for 28 non-profit outdoor organizations, with 7000 local and regional associations and 2 million memberships. Svenskt Friluftsliv is the spokesperson on issues related to recreation and outdoor life to the government, parliament and national authorities.

Mistra Sport & Outdoors is a Swedish research and collaboration program that aims to create knowledge and solutions for increased sustainability in sports and outdoor life.