Towards More Biodiverse Forests

Jun 27, 2024



Welcome to this side event organized by the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.

Biodiversity is a key component of sustainable forest management and essential for forest resilience. Biodiverse forests form the cornerstone of a competitive wood processing industry. The recently published Biodiversity Roadmap of the Finnish Wood Processing Industry will be presented at the seminar.

The Biodiversity Roadmap is based on an extensive research project. The project has investigated the current state and future development of forest biodiversity and the keys to promoting it as part of active and timely forest management.

Join us to hear about the importance of collaboration between research and practice, as well as the research results and implementation of the biodiversity roadmap of the Wood Processing Industry in Finland.

Please register for the event.

Best regards,
Dr. Karoliina Niemi

Director, Forest Affairs
Finnish Forest Industries Federation