FAQ IUFRO Exhibitors

I am an exhibitor and I have some questions, who can I contact?
Please contact us at exh.IUFRO2024@slu.se

How do I find out my booth location and number?
When your booth number is assigned we send you this information to you. Please contact exh.IUFRO2024@slu.se in case of any questions.

Corner booths

If you have a corner stand, please note that we do not build a wall against the aisle. This is to keep your stand more open.


How do I register exhibition staff?
Please register free exhibitor staff, according to what’s included in your exhibition package, through a special registration link provided by us. Registration of extra exhibitor staff and upgrades of the exhibitor pass are also possible.

Price for extra staff or upgrade is SEK 3000 + VAT
Included in the Exhibitor pass:

  • Lunch and coffee on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Welcome reception Monday at 18.00 at Stockholmsmässan
  • Closing ceremony Saturday at 12.15 at Stockholmsmässan
  • Access to the exhibition and poster exhibition

Tickets for the congress mingle on 28 June can be purchased in the registration process.

What time is the exhibition set up and dismantling?
Set up:
Saturday 22 June: 08.00–20.00, and
Sunday 23 June: 08.00–17.30

Friday 28 June: 18.00–20.00

What are the exhibition opening hours?
The official opening of the exhibition will be Sunday 23 June at 18.00.

During the congress, the exhibition hall will be open:
Monday 24 June:  09.00–18.00
Tuesday 25 June: 09.00–18.00
Wednesday 26 June: Closed due to excursions
Thursday 27 June: 09.00–18.00
Friday 28 June: 09.00–18.00

What about shipment and storage?
Everything you need to know about shipment and storage of goods is summarized here.

In case you need to store some goods, the storage costs are SEK 310/sqm for a maximum of 5 days. Contact: logistik@stockholmsmassan.se

Delivery address to the IUFRO exhibition

Stockholmsmässan, Godsmottagning
Specify: IUFRO, Company name, Hall A/booth number
Parkeringsvägen 10
SE-125 30 Älvsjö, Sweden

How do I order catering?
Mässrestauranger are responsible for all stand catering. All orders need to be placed no later than 24 May.

Download Stand Catering Menu (pdf)
Contact IUFRO.catering@massrestauranger.se

Ordering of products and services from the exhibitor portal

Do you want something in addition to what’s included in your exhibition package?  You have the possibility to order additional products and services in the exhibitor portal.The portal is managed by Event Service at Stockholmsmässan.
Contact eventservice@stockholmsmassan.se

Which type of furniture is included in my exhibition package?

  • Premium: 1 bar table, 5 bar stools, 1 information counter, 1 coffee table, 3 chairs
  • Large: 1 bar table, 2 bar stools, 1 coffee table, 3 chairs
  • Medium: 1 bar table, 2 bar stools
  • Small: 1 bar table, 1 bar stool

Read more about the furniture included in your package here:
Bar table, Hang medium
Bar stools, Lumbar
Coffee table, Trio
Chairs, Amsterdam

Can I change the furniture in my booth?
It is of course fine to change furniture, but then at the actual cost of the new furniture. The webshop with all products and services can be found here.

Construction regulations

Please note that height exposure above 2.5 m in your booth needs to be cleared with the organizers at exh.IUFRO2024@slu.se beforehand.
Read about this and other rules on how to construct your booth here.

Can you tell me about the walls in the exhibition booth?
The height of the white wood walls is 2,5 meters. The material, Wood Medium, has a completely smooth finish, which creates conditions for you to adapt the wall to your wishes. It is an excellent choice when your focus is on brand or product exposure, as there are no joints or irregularities that interfere with the impression. You can also drill, nail, or mount shelves on the wall.

    More details:

  • Small – Booth size: 6 sqm (3×2 m)
    3 m back wall and 1m wall on each side.
  • Medium – Booth size: 15 sqm (5×3 m)
    5 m back wall and 2 m wall on each side (unless booth is next to an aisle, then it is open on one side).
  • Large – Booth size: 24 sqm (6×4 m)
    6 m back wall, 2 metres on each side. One side contains a storage.
  • Premium – Booth size: 50 sqm (10×5 m)
    10 m back wall, storage in the middle of the wall which consists of 4 wall sections and a door on the side.

Is there one electrical outlet in the booth or are there more?
All booths, regardless of size, will have a standard junction box with three sockets.

In case you require more you can bring your own extension cord, purchase at the exhibition or place an order in the exhibitor portal.