FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register for the congress?
Please look at the IUFRO World Congress 2024 website for information regarding registration and fees. Registration

Regarding the registration fees, do PhD students classify as “students”?

Discounted registration prices apply for students who can show proof of current enrollment. To be able to register as a student, you must upload a document confirming your student status (student card, letter of enrollment in a graduate school, etc.) on the registration form.

Participants from Russia

I come from Russia. Are there any restrictions for me to participate or send an abstract?
IUFRO as a global, non-profit, non-governmental and non-discriminatory organization is open to all individuals and organizations dedicated to forest and forest products research and related disciplines. However, in light of Russia’s military actions in Ukraine, Swedish national policies now mandate a cease of all professional engagements with entities and individuals associated with the Russian Federation. This directive encompasses any form of professional exchange, collaboration, or communication. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these regulations during this period. For more information visit the Swedish Foreign Office.

Financial assistance

Can I get financial support for my participation in the congress?
Yes, in some cases. If you are a resident of a country within IUFRO’s Scientist Assistance Program (SAP) for economically disadvantaged countries you can apply for financial aid. Read more about SAP and learn how to apply


The application procedure for volunteering at the congress closed on 15th November. If you have applied for and been accepted as a volunteer, you do not register as a delegate.

If you are to present a poster during the congress, we will enable this for your accepted sessions. Your volunteering will be scheduled so it does not overlap with your sessions.


Is it possible to submit an abstract after deadline?
We will forward your question to Invajo, the Abstract support office


I’d like to become a partner of the congress. What are the options and what do I have to do?
Please contact one of our Senior Partnership Advisors


My company or organization is interested in participating with an exhibitors booth at the congress, what are the options and prices?
Please contact Mr. Bo Magnusson or Mr. Björn Delin for more information and booking of booth space in the exhibition area.

Meeting rooms

I like to reserve a meeting room for a company meeting during the Congress at Stockholmsmässan. Is this possible?
We will only be able to provide meeting rooms for IUFRO administrative meetings. All other meetings need to be booked by yourself.

Job applications, available positions

I am interested to learn more on available positions for the congress and how to apply.
Please register here to subscribe for available positions.


What excursions will you arrange? And in which parts of the country/which countries? Where do I register for an excursion?
The planning and preparation of the excursions are ongoing with Mr. Raymond Wide, IUFRO World Congress 2024 secretariat in charge. All attendees have the opportunity to participate in a free of charge in-congress excursion of choice, decided upon registration. The booking for all other excursions are handled by our two collaborating travel agencies and are listed on our website page Pre- and Post-Congress Excursions Booking information is provided via the linked buttons on the page describing a particular excursion.

Letter of invitation

I need a letter of invitation to be able to attend the congress. How do I get it?
A letter of invitation is provided after registration and full payment, Read more

Visa regulations

Visa for Sweden
Entry restrictions and visa regulations depend on your origin. Citizens of specific countries may not be eligible to obtain visa for Sweden. Please contact your local consulate for full and official instructions on the specific visa regulations and application procedures that apply to you.

List of foreign citizens who require Visa for entry into Sweden – Government.se
Visit Sweden for less than 90 days – apply for a visa – Migrationsverket

Specific visa regulations
For EU citizens:
Being an EU citizen means that you have the right to work, study, or live in Sweden without having a residence permit. You will need a valid national identity card or passport when entering Sweden from another Schengen EU country. A driving licence does not qualify as a travel document and we recommend that you bring your passport in case you will need to prove your identity. More information about travelling within the EU can be found on the European Commission’s website.

For UK residents:
Holders of certain British Passports/Travel Documents do not need a visa to travel to Sweden. Your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay; you do not need any additional period of validity on your passport beyond this. For information about what happens if the UK leaves the European Union with no deal and any other travel advice or updates please check the FCO website for information.

For US residents:
A valid passport entitles United States citizens to a three-month stay in Sweden.

Tourist visas to Sweden for other countries:
If you are visiting Sweden as a tourist and are a citizen of a non-EU country, you may need a visa. A visa is a permit to travel to and stay in a country for a limited period.

Suspended collaborations | Medarbetarwebben (slu.se)

Currency, credit cards and money in Sweden

Sweden is often said to be the most cashless country on the planet. Read on for more information about currency, payment methods and prices in Sweden.
Visit Sweden

Childcare during congress

Will you provide childcare services during the congress week?
The IUFRO 2024 Congress will unfortunately not be able to provide childcare services for the delegates. Below you have links to a couple of companies providing these services, to get in touch with and make arrangements at your own expense:

Official Language

The language of the congress is English.

Climate and Clothing

It is summer in Stockholm in June and the temperatures can vary from 16 to 25 °C. Please note there may be occasional showers. The organisers suggest that you bring a jacket and an umbrella or raincoat.
Weather information and forecasts:
smhi.se Stockholm (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute)
yr.no (Norwegian Radio cooperation with Norwegian Meteorological Institute)


In Sweden the electrical voltage used is 220/230V.


The organizers are not liable for damages and/or losses of any kind which may be incurred by the congress delegates or by any other individuals accompanying them, both during the official activities as well as going to/from the conference. Delegates are responsible for their own safety and belongings.

Insurance and Vaccinations

The registration fee does not cover insurance for the delegates. The organizers recommend that delegates take out insurance in their home country to cover pre-journey cancellation for personal reasons and necessary insurance to cover accidents, medical expenses and loss of personal belongings during the visit. No vaccinations are needed when visiting Sweden.

Important numbers

In Sweden the emergency number for calling the police, ambulance or fire brigade is 112. You will have to state what the emergency is about. You should only use this number for real emergencies. For any other queries, please contact a local hospital or health centre.

For 24h non-emergency health advice and care, dial 1177.

Press and media, social media, blogs etc

The planning and preparation of the press and media related activities are ongoing with Public Relations Officer Mr. Johan Adolfsson, IUFRO World Congress 2024 secretariat in charge. Contact Mr. Adolfsson


Is there a newsletter for the congress that I can subscribe to?
For now we will be pleased to put you on the mailing list for the IUFRO World Congress 2024.
There will be a newsletter closer to the congress. Until then, please follow the World Congress on the website iufro2024.com

Logotype for IUFRO World Congress 2024

Where do I find the logotype of the congress? Am I allowed to use it for promoting the congress in my social and working network?
The logotype and instructions for its use is available in the footer under Download Marketing Materials.