Green Travel Policy

Stockholm was the first-ever city to be designated European Green Capital by the EU Commission in 2010. This was before sustainability became a major selling point for cities trying to attract visitors, conferences and events. Stockholm has stayed true to its unique approach to sustainability. You can rest assured that just about everything that happens in Stockholm does so with sustainability in mind.

A sustainable vacation in Stockholm – Visit Stockholm


To/from Stockholm

  • Stockholm Arlanda Airport is a world leading sustainable airport and the first in the world to become carbon neutral in its own operations.
  • Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the first airport in the world to be accredited the highest level in a European program that grades the environmental impact of airports.
  • Stockholm Arlanda Airport holds an ISO14001 certification.
  • “Green approaches”, a system permitting approaching aircraft to descend continuously from cruising altitude to the runway, using almost no engine thrust, thereby saving fuel and reducing emissions.
  • Arlanda Airport Express trains, operated 100% on electricity that carry the “Good Environmental Choice-label”.
  • Eco-labelled airport coaches (bio gas/ethanol buses). 100% fossil free.
  • Only ecotaxis serve Arlanda – an important part of the airport’s continual environmental efforts.
  • Possibility to go to/from the airport by commuter train.
  • Congestion tolls to reduce traffic into the city.

Within the city

  • Extensive and environmentally friendly local transport system that ranks among the best in Europe.
  • The city’s subway system features more than 100 km track and 100 stations and the entire underground system runs on green electricity.
  • Well-maintained and modern subway, trams and commuter trains.
  • Most buses and taxis run on bio-fuel and/or are eco-labeled.
  • 900 km of bicycle lanes and a community rental program for bicycles, E-bikes and E-scooters.
  • Stockholm is a compact city with almost everything within easy reach. This reduces the need for transportation and thus carbon emissions – walking is one of the best and most beautiful ways to get around in the city!