IUFRO Honorary Awards

Jun 29, 2024

The IUFRO Distinguished Service Award (DSA) recognizes those whose work has substantially contributed to furthering the scientific, technical, and organizational aims of IUFRO. The Honorary Membership of IUFRO is IUFRO’s highest award and acknowledges persons who have rendered particularly important and outstanding services to IUFRO.

DSA Winners
Mauro Agnoletti
Max Krott
Elisabeth Johann
Gun Lidestav
The Honorary Membership of IUFRO Winners
Michael Wingfield
Björn Hånell
Mauro Agnoletti has been a highly active and successful officeholder in IUFRO. Among others, Mauro Agnoletti organized 6 IUFRO conferences, international meetings, and plenary sessions at IUFRO Congresses and published more than 250 papers and 22 books, like e.g. the edited volumes “Forest History: International Studies on Socio-Economic and Forest Ecosystem Change,” IUFRO Research Series 2; the IUFRO Research Series 3 “Methods and Approaches in Forest History”; and the IUFRO Occasional Paper No. 19 “Guidelines for the Implementation of Social and Cultural Values in Sustainable Forest Management”.

Max Krott is one of the leading forest policy scholars in the field of science-policy interactions and has been actively involved in IUFRO in different positions and IUFRO Units since the 1980s. Max Krott has authored and edited several books and reports with IUFRO and is also a founding editor of the globally still leading scientific journal Forest Policy and Economics, a journal that has published a lot of IUFRO-related scientific work since its establishment in 2000.

Elisabeth Johann’s trajectory in IUFRO covers over 50 years of active involvement, starting in 1970, and her record of service to IUFRO as an officeholder spans more than 30 years. She has actively organized and participated in more than 50 IUFRO-related events – international congresses, conferences, symposia and other events – and she was the main author and editor of the IUFRO publication “125 years of IUFRO – History of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations 1892–2017”.

Gun Lidestav has provided 25 years of exemplary service to IUFRO and has contributed significantly to advancing the issues of gender within IUFRO, both in terms of research collaborations and strategic development to further strengthening the network and its efforts to promote gender equality and inclusion. Together with Ann Merete Furuberg, Gun Lidestav initiated the IUFRO Research Group “Gender and Forestry“ in 2000, and she has served as the Coordinator of the IUFRO Task Force on Gender Equality in Forestry since 2019.

Mike Wingfield was IUFRO’s first President from the African continent, providing the Union with a robust base in a geographic region not previously represented in this way. Mike Wingfield’s focus during his presidency lay on increasing IUFRO’s visibility and further strengthening the Union’s relationship with the youth. During his term as President of IUFRO also a process of closer engagement with the private sector was started, with Mondi as a first partner.

Björn Hånell is, and continues to be, an outstanding and invaluable IUFRO representative who has fulfilled his roles and responsibilities magnificently within IUFRO as an International Council representative, Division Coordinator, Vice President, and a liaison for the IUFRO World Congress 2024. During his time as Vice-President for Divisions, Björn Hånell made a strategic effort to improve the collaboration across IUFRO Divisions and units, resulting in a substantial increase in cross-divisional activities.