Welcome to the Innovation Stage

Showcase Your Innovation to a Global Audience!

Are you ready to showcase your innovations on a global stage? At our Innovation Stage you will gain unparalleled exposure to a diverse and influential audience of over 5 000 delegates, stakeholders and practitioners from every corner of the world. The 26th IUFRO World Congress in Stockholm is your opportunity to shine!

Top Reasons to Enter the Stage:

1. Global Reach

With an expected 5 000 delegates from all corners of the world, you will be presenting your innovation and applied science to a national, regional and global audience, including leading academics, researchers, industry pioneers, and innovative companies and environmental organizations. It is an unparalleled platform to get noticed.

2. Spark Transformation

Our delegates represent a diverse cross-section of the forest community, from universities and research institutions, NGO:s to businesses, suppliers, and innovative forest-related ventures. This is your chance to connect with a vast and varied network.

3. Elevate Your Brand

Be in the spotlight as you present your innovation, new service or product, project, system or collaboration platform on the Innovation Stage. Gain recognition for your company’s forward-thinking solutions in front of a captivated and influential audience.

4. Network with Pioneers

Forge partnerships and collaborations with business and NGO pioneers, influential researchers, and potential investors. This is your moment to make game-changing connections.

5. Shape the Future

The congress’s focus on sustainability, climate action, and innovation aligns with the pressing global need to address environmental challenges. Be part of the solution of the forest sector.

6. Collect Insights

Receive direct feedback from business experts, researchers, and potential collaborators and customers. Use this input and foresight to fine-tune your innovations and strategies for future maximum impact.

How to Get Involved?
Contact our Senior Partnership Advisors now and become a pivotal force in shaping the future of our forest sector and our world.

Rodrigo Garay
Phone: +46 706 319 307

Mats Åhnlund
Phone: +46 760 605 751