We are excited to announce that the IUFRO World Congress has partnered with the international film and broadcasting company WebsEdge to bring IUFRO TV to the 26th IUFRO World Congress in Stockholm!

IUFRO TV provides a unique platform to highlight the latest research emerging trends the future research agenda within the fields of forestry, climate and society and the congress theme Forests & Society Towards 2050 engaging people in these issues at and beyond the Congress.

WebsEdge will produce IUFRO TV with a new daily program during the conference which will have two features:

1 Congress News

IUFRO TV will film interviews featuring presenters, leaders in forest science, key session highlights, and hear attendee insights and reactions from around the Congress.

2 In-Depth Reports

Five-minute prerecorded documentary-style films, from universities, institutions, and organizations highlighting programs, case studies, and ongoing initiatives that are making a difference.

At the Congress you will be able to view IUFRO TV on screens around the venue, here on the Congress website, on YouTube and across social media platforms.

In the lead-up to the IUFRO World Congress, WebsEdge will be reaching out to organizations to discuss the opportunity of producing a film about their work to be included in the IUFRO TV program.

Only a limited number of organizations can be featured on IUFRO TV and there is a cost to participate. If you are interested in learning more about the in-depth reports, please contact our coordinator Sally Nelson.