Nordic Forest Research (SNS)

Nordic Forest Research, also known as SNS, plays a pivotal role in facilitating knowledge exchange among Nordic forest researchers, shaping policy development and fostering collaborative innovation.

Operating under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers and funded by the governments of the Nordic countries, SNS connects researchers from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Åland, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland. This collaboration leverages the shared natural features, population traits, and policies of the Nordic countries, promoting regional cooperation and enhancing the region’s global interactions in forest research.

Why SNS is Interesting?
SNS is unique in its ability to unite the forest-rich Nordic region, promoting sustainable forestry practices and innovation. Their commitment to both regional and global collaboration makes them a key player in addressing contemporary forestry challenges. The SNS pavilion at the exhibition showcases their dedication to sustainability, technology, and inclusive dialogue, making it a hub for anyone interested in the future of forestry.

Program Highlights

12:45-13:30 Panel Debate on “Towards Competitive Sustainability and Security from European Forests” by LUKE.
16:00-18:00 Seminar on “Getting it Published” – practical advice on preparing submissions for English language journals” by The Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research.
Whole Day: Experience Skogforsk’s Teleoperation Lab.

8:30-9:30 Workshop on “Sustainable Forestry: Exploring Continuous Cover Forestry in Northern Europe” by SNS network CCFBOOK.
12:45-13:30 Workshop on “Challenges and Nordic Solutions for International Forest Science Education” by the University of Eastern Finland.
14:00-14:30 Panel debate on “Equality in the Forest” by The Swedish Forest Association.
16:00-18:00 Open Networking Event with Participants in the NorForNet INFOBIOM (Workshop).
Whole Day: Experience Skogforsk’s Teleoperation Lab.

9:00-9:30 Panel debate on “How do you get the forest into the school?” by The Swedish Forest Association.
9:45-10:15 Seminar on “Forestry in Iceland” by Land og Skogur.
12:45-14:15 Workshop on “Communicating for Change” by NorForNet-TolerantTrees.
16:00-18:00 SNS Matchmaking Event (for pre-registered participants).
Whole Day: Experience Skogforsk’s Teleoperation Lab.

8:30-9:45 Workshop on “Working across borders to achieve gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in forestry” by ForGEDI.
12:45-13:30 Panel debate on “EU today, forests tomorrow?” by Forest Technology Platform.
13:45-14:15 Panel debate on “How does forestry work in the Nordics? And how do you get the forest into the school?” by The Swedish Forest Association.
16:00-18:00 “Nordic Mingle” – closing with live music, meet and greet session.
Whole Day: Experience Skogforsk’s Teleoperation Lab.

Visit the SNS pavilion to explore cutting-edge research and innovative technology like the remote-controlled Feller Buncher and to participate in engaging events and workshops.

This is an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and delve into the future of sustainable forestry practices.