Nordic Input Finalized for Stockholm Congress Statement

Jun 15, 2024

The Nordic and Baltic countries have finalized their contribution to the IUFRO Stockholm Congress Statement, which will shape the global scientific agenda on forests for the coming years. This significant input has now been handed over to the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), marking a milestone in the collaborative effort to address the future roles of forests in societal development towards 2050.

Fredrik Ingemarson, Chair of the Congress Organizing Committee, highlighted the comprehensive nature and scientific depth of the input, stating, “The Nordic and Baltic contribution encapsulates a diverse range of perspectives and expertise, ensuring scientific quality and height of our input. This collective effort reflects our commitment to leveraging scientific insights for bold and strategic action.”

The finalized document underscores forests’ crucial roles in sustaining life on earth and driving economic growth while decoupling it from fossil fuel dependency. It emphasizes the need for enhanced systems thinking, resilience, and sustainable management of forest ecosystems to address the multifaceted challenges posed by rapid environmental, technological, and societal changes.

Ingemarson also commended the broad participation and collaboration that characterized the process, “A warm thank you to all stakeholders—from small-scale forest owners to large NGOs and governmental agencies— for invaluable contributions. Our inclusive approach has ensured that every voice was heard and valued, culminating in a robust and forward-thinking statement.”

The Nordic and Baltic contribution is structured around five key messages directed at researchers and policymakers:

1. Guarantee a balanced, holistic view of forest systems while making bold decisions for the future.
2. Improve governance of the forest sector through participatory decision-making processes.
3. Foster collaboration across academic disciplines, research institutes, businesses, NGOs, and government agencies.
4. Strengthen dialogue with forest stakeholders and develop innovative curricula for forest professionals.
5. Implement financial reforms and enable new business models for a sustainable transition in natural resource management.

These messages aim to provide strategic guidance and encourage transformative actions necessary for forests to meet the diverse needs of society by 2050.

The delivery of this input to IUFRO signifies a critical step towards the finalization of the Stockholm Congress Statement, which will be presented at the 26th IUFRO World Congress in Stockholm on the closing day of the Congress. This statement is expected to serve as a guiding document for global forest research and policy, influencing international agendas and fostering sustainable forest management practices worldwide.

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