Risk analyzes at the secretariat

Sep 9, 2020

The pandemic has changed the focus for the IUFRO 2024 secretariat.

The IUFRO World Congress 2024 secretariat is established since one year at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden. The team working at the secretariat is Dr. Fredrik Ingemarson, Congress Director and Mrs Karin Hornay, Strategic Project Manager.

Risk analyzes

The preparations for Stockholm 2024 are following a revised project plan, due to fact that the pandemic has changed the world of meetings. Thereby the focus for the secretariat during 2020 is on external monitoring and risk analyzes.

Regional dialogue

The dialogues with government representatives, partners in the region, the public, the business community and other non-governmental organizations will increase closer to the congress, but the strategy is depending on the development of the pandemic.

Congress Organizing Committee

During the coming year, the Congress Organizing Committee as well as the Congress Scientific Committee should start their work to support the management as well as preparing the scientific program of the IUFRO World Congress 2024.

Hub meetings

The traditional face to face meetings are very limited at the moment. Hub meetings, when you meet in different hubs, e.g. in Europe, North America, and Asia, is one possible way during a future opening up for larger meetings.

Virtual meetings

Virtual meetings are developing very fast at the moment, but it still has limitations, especially regarding larger meetings such as the IUFRO World Congress.

Hybrid meetings

Hybrid meetings, when delegates can register both for the face to face and virtual meetings is one alternative to move forward. This can also be combined with hub meetings.

Visit the secretariat

You are most welcome visit the IUFRO 2024 Secretariat at Almas allé 8, 4th floor Uppsala, Sweden map


Fredrik Ingemarson

Director IUFRO World Congress 2024

Telephone: +4618673113, +46 70 290 85 19
E-mail: @


Karin Hornay

Strategic project leader

Telephone: +4618671534, +46 70 322 43 24
E-mail: @