The SLU Pavilion

The host University SLU – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences – also host a pavilion at the exhibition. There, you will meet SLU researchers who are working with everything from global development, boreal research infrastructures, environmental monitoring and assessment, gender issues in forestry, wood use in sustainable living and many, many more things.

Check out the program for interesting topics, or swing by when you feel like some Swedish fika and nice company.


Monday June 24th

10.30 Test your knowledge about gender equality, diversity and inclusion in forestry – Demonstration of ForGEDI MOOC

12.30 Global mingle – shared science, bright solutions. Interview with Éliane Ubalijoro, CEO for CIFOR-ICRAF followed by mingle.

14.00 Nordic Highlight: Reindeer pastoralism in Northern Europe

15.30 SLU Get together. Meet your collegues at SLU

Tuesday June 25th

10.30 Discover field data from the Swedish forest field sites. Drop in ends 12.45

13.00 Nordic Highlight: When is it enough? Thresholds in biodiversity research.

13.30 Nordic Highlight: Should I stay or should I go? Trends in forestry and consumption.

14.00 It’s quiz’o’clock! Come and put your knowledge about forest damage to the test!

15.30 SLU is hiring! Learn about work opportunities at SLU.

Thursday June 27th

10.30 Meet the students! The future forest minds invites you to a Swedish fika

12.30 From seedling to plank and board to sustainable neighborhoods

13.30 “Sow a Seed” – 25 years of IKEA-funded rainforest restoration in Borneo: lessons learnt and the future. Interview with Mikhail Tarasov from IKEA.

Friday June 28th

10.30 Meet the students! The future forest minds invites you to a Swedish fika

12.30 Facts and open data for sustainable, thriving forests. Meet SLU’s specialists in Environmental monitoring and assessment. Drop in ends 14.40.