Welcoming Fran Raymond Price as Keynote Speaker

Dec 5, 2023

We are delighted to introduce Fran Raymond Price as one of our esteemed keynote speakers. She is the Global Forest Practice Leader at WWF International and a distinguished figure in the field of global forest conservation and sustainable forestry practices.

Fran’s upcoming presentation promises to be a compelling exploration of WWF’s visionary approach to achieving a healthier planet and forests by 2050, all while ensuring a more just and inclusive world.
She will draw from WWF’s extensive work in various Forest Practice areas, highlighting the challenges we face and the emerging opportunities. Fran will provide real-world examples of how the organization leverages cutting-edge science to drive progress across these diverse areas.
She will underscore the critical importance of fostering collective action at the global and local levels, as well as mobilizing resources to benefit the right people in the right places. Fran will advocate for greater integration of research within the work of conservation and development organizations, emphasizing the need for expedited implementation and the importance of inclusive science. Additionally, she will champion the recognition of indigenous and local knowledge in shaping the future of our forests.

Fran Raymond Price’s impressive career spans decades, during which she has dedicated her efforts to the protection of forests and the improvement of forestry practices worldwide. Her journey led her to WWF International in June 2020, following an illustrious 18-year tenure at The Nature Conservancy (TNC). At TNC, she played a pivotal role in guiding the organization’s commitment to responsible forest management and certification.

Before joining TNC, Fran directed the Forest Monitoring Project, hosted by the Izaak Walton League of America, where she assessed forest practices on industry lands throughout the United States. She also contributed to coordinating philanthropic investments in forests and renewable energy at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Fran’s dedication to the cause is further evident through her service on several boards and task groups, including the FSC International Board, the Tropical Forest Foundation board, the High Conservation Value Resource Network Steering Group, and WWF’s North American Forest and Trade Network Advisory Group.

Fran holds a master’s degree in forestry from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and a B.A. in History and Government from Cornell University. Her forestry journey began as a Peace Corps community forestry volunteer in the Dominican Republic, setting the stage for her lifelong commitment to forest conservation and sustainable practices.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Fran Raymond Price, a trailblazer in the global efforts to protect our forests and promote sustainability. Her keynote address is sure to inspire and illuminate the path toward a greener, more equitable world.

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