Will There Be Enough Wood in the Future?

Jun 28, 2024

Will there be enough wood for everyone´s needs in the future? “I’m an optimist, so I have to say absolutely yes”, says Roberto Andres Bosch, from Guatemala.

The speed dialogue with the panel on experts on Innovation stage ecoed how the Congress has captured future environmental, technological, and societal demands.

One of the participants in the panel, Roberto Andres Bosch, president of Gremial Forestal in Guatemal, representing small and medium enterprises in Central America, find it a critical to participate in these discussions.

“I think it’s definitely possible to manage the forest in the right way to satisfy the landscape and all the social need. Because humans and forests have a natural connection.”

Though the stakeholders represent different economic, environmental and social interest, they all agreed that they have to collaborate more in the future. And they also all agreed on that the forest management has to be diverse.

“You have to use each part of the land the most efficient way possible because society needs the returns the products and the services from these lands”, says Roberto Andres Bosch.”