Partnership for the trees

Mar 21, 2024

As the global food, biodiversity, and climate crises begin to crunch, the fundamental role of forests in humanity’s future is increasingly difficult to deny. That is why we welcome CIFOR-ICRAF as partner and speaker to the World Congress in Stockholm this summer.

CIFOR-ICRAF is an organizational partner for the Congress and will also be a co-host to the next IUFRO World Congress in Nairobi, Kenya in 2029. As a global leader using trees, forests, and agroforestry to address the greatest global challenges of our time, CIFOR-ICRAF is well-placed to contribute to these critical conversations with its cutting-edge research and decades of global experience.

The theme of this year’s International Day of Forests is ‘Forests and Innovation: New solutions for a better world’. While the forestry sector is not widely seen as one of the world’s most innovative, there are plenty of new and ongoing developments – within the sector and beyond – with clear potential for implementation and scaling to make transformative impact and contributions to a sustainable future.

In this vein, CIFOR-ICRAF, is drawing on emerging innovations from a wide range of sectors to help revolutionize forest conservation, making it more targeted, efficient, and effective. For instance, CIFOR-ICRAF scientists led the development of the Regreening App, a mobile-based Android application that allows users to collect data at the farm level on a range of land restoration practices, enabling robust landscape-level monitoring.

Meanwhile, in CIFOR-ICRAF’s state-of-the-art Soil Spectroscopy Lab, scientists analyses soil samples to show vital information about nutrient levels, organic matter content, and potential limitations, while in the Living Soils Laboratory they study the complex interactions between soil microbes, nutrients, and plant growth. The CIFOR-ICRAF Tree Genebank safeguards the diversity of trees across Africa by storing seeds from a vast array of species, while the CIFOR-ICRAF Dendroecology Laboratory allows scientists to analyse tree rings to reconstruct past climate patterns, help predict future climate impacts, and develop strategies for adapting forest management practices.

More information

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