Stockholm 2024 in Curitiba

The Swedish pavilion  is a meeting point for the delegates, but also a window opportunity to present the qualities of the coming host and partner countries for 2024.

The pavilion

The pavilion includes a reception, speakers corner, a harvester simulator and a Wooden model of Skellefteå Kulturhus.

Come and join us and listen to presentations in speakers corner!


The work with Agenda 2030 is also presented, Stockholm as a host city and not at least the Nordic and Baltic university partners.

Meet representatives from Nordic and Baltic partner universities!

Financial support

The stand is financed by Nordic Forest Research (SNS), the Swedish Forest Agency and SLU.

SLU will present the coming  Congress in Stockholm 2024 during the IUFRO World Congress in the beatiful city of Curitiba.

Info about activities in Stockholm 2024 booth:

Here you can book one of the meeting tables in the Stockholm 2024 pavilion.